2016 Raine and BrightSpark recipients awarded Young Tall Poppy Awards

Split image of 2 Tall Poppy award winners

Congratulations to Dr Gina Ravenscroft and Dr Ruth Thornton who have been acknowledged as leading Western Australian scientists, both receiving a Young Tall Poppy Science Award at a recent State ceremony.

The Tall Poppy Awards recognise the outstanding research achievements of young scientists and acknowledge communication of research outcomes to the broader community.

Dr Gina Ravenscroft is a senior researcher in the Neurogenetic Diseases Laboratory at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and The University of Western Australia. Dr Ravenscroft’s research focuses on discovering the genetic basis of neuromuscular diseases that can often be fatal in utero. She has previously been supported by the Raine Medical Research Foundation through the award of a Raine Priming Grant, which only funds the very best research and early career researchers in Western Australia.  Dr Ravenscroft was also a recipient of a Strachan Memorial Prize, which recognises the most outstanding scientific publication that may translate medical science into better health outcomes.

Dr Ruth Thornton is a Research Fellow with the Vaccine Trials Group at The University of Western Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute. Dr Thornton’s research focuses on improving treatment and developing preventative strategies for chronic ear and lung diseases in children. Her research is currently supported by a BrightSpark Fellowship that is awarded to top early career researchers in the field of child health.

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