2020 Raine Annual Awards Ceremony

Recipients of Brightspark-Foundation-Awards-2020

On 26 November 2020, we celebrated the successful recipients of the BrightSpark Foundation supported Awards at the 2020 Raine Annual Awards Ceremony. This highly successful event featured the 2020 Senior Australian of the Year, Professor John Newnham AM, as the guest speaker who presented the history and legacy of Mary Raine and the beginnings of the “WA Pregnancy Cohort Study” (later named the “Raine Study”) which was established in 1989.

This internationally recognised and utilised longitudinal cohort study continues to collect health data from close to 3,000 Western Australian pregnant women, their children, the grandchildren, and the grandparents. This is four generations of data that is available to scientists to study many different aspects of health throughout the lifetime of the cohort.

The 2020 successful recipients supported through BrightSpark Foundation funding can be found here.

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